YUMIKO KAYUKAWA: JAPANESE WOLF is the second monograph by the prolific artist. Yumiko, hailing from the small rural town of Naie in Hokkaido, Japan combined the love of nature instilled in her from a young age with contemporary influences such as manga, kawaii and American pop culture films, music and fashion. The pieces in “Japanese Wolf” are culled from her work of the last six years, after a move to Seattle, Washington in 2005. These paintings are fantastical in subject matter and always include a woman often surrounded by animals, or in other exotic situations possibly expressing Yumiko's inner worlds. Imagery of blue sequined mermaids, hyenas, alligators, lotus blossoms, geishas, peacocks, bright flamingos, egrets, flying squirrels, charging bison, ninjas, and veiled dragons parade into the foreground or recede into the background, supporting elements in constant interaction with the solitary human figure. Panes of flat color and criss crossing patterns form dynamic movement across each piece, an open invitation for us to enter Yumiko's complex and imaginary world.

Accompanied with an introduction by the artist (English and Japanese).

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