JEFF ALU: SURREALITIES as Joella March states in her essay, Hidden In Plain Sight: The Photographic Works of Jeff Alu – “Fine art photographer Jeff Alu embraces “the poetry of his surroundings.” Passionate and self-taught, Alu allows the urban and natural environment to inform him, and his subjects to reveal themselves, as he navigates and archives the abundant visual treasures that habitually go unnoticed by the average pedestrian. Imbued with a formal and conceptual depth and richness, his signature style manifests a dreamlike quality that transforms the mundane into the magical, creating new worlds where one can traverse both visually and psychologically. Readily personified and holding deep paradox, these images are simultaneously post-apocalyptic and hopeful, animated and still, silent and speaking volumes, devoid of humankind but filled with an eerie memory of humanity…”  

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